BOOK NOOK: Back to School Edition

With this week’s start of school, MRN’s Ron Kinscherf talks to Victoria Dement with the Quincy Public Library about the library’s new offerings for students and teachers. The Quincy Public Library brings you Book Nook.

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BOOK NOOK: Lisa Towles

This week’s Book Nook features award winning author Lisa Towles. This month, she released ‘Salt Island’, book two from her series with Private Detective Mari Ellwyn.    MRN’s Ron Kinscherf has our report and Book Nook is brought to you by the Quincy Public Library.

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BOOK NOOK: Bobbe White

Author Ron Kinscherf talks to author Bobbe White about books. C’mon, what else would two authors talk about? But she does have a new book “WAIT! WHAT? We’re the Parents Now?: Navigating the Ups and Downs: A Loved One’s Health Decline Gets Real”. Quincy Public Library brings you Book Nook.

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BOOK NOOK: Orange County – The Dark Side

Ron Kinscherf talks to Christopher Curtis about his book “Orange County – The Dark Side”

From the book:

“The land of milk and honey, streets paved with gold, and a place your dreams can come true are the illusions of Orange County. But, when you cross to the other side, The Dark Side, life is quite different. On the dark side, allowances given are lines of cocaine. Drive-by shootings are a daily occurrence, and parents are not the protectors but the ones who send you out to score for them.”

This was Christopher Curtis’ life. Taking the reader to some of his earliest memories and on through his third strike prison sentence, this book is gritty and realistic.

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